Life made better by technology

John Ross Smart Living

Moir Developments is delighted to work with John Ross Smart Living, a local specialist in Smart Home Automation – design, supply, installation and maintenance.

Smart Living technology can be installed as an optional extra in any of the house types we are building at Tarriebank or Kirkton when you reserve off plan.

John Ross Smart Living also has a demo house in Angus where you can see the technology in action to really get a feel for how easy and convenient it can make life in your new home.

We have summarised a few options below with links to the John Ross website for further information.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting transforms your home ambiance, offering control over the entire lighting system via a single touch. Concealable, it doesn't detract from your decor, and enables distinct moods for each room. It's also energy-efficient, activating based on presence, reducing carbon footprint while enhancing interiors and impressing guests.

Smart Audio

Experience music that travels with you at home. Your system delivers high-quality sound everywhere and adjusts to your mood at the tap of a button. Smart music enhances your listening pleasure, while hidden speakers and personalized playlists cater to everyone's taste. Access countless artists via streaming services, making your home the ultimate DJ.

Smart Connectivity

Picture a dependable wifi and Internet connection that you can trust, that maintains its robust speed no matter who's using it or what they're doing. Your kids might be on a Netflix spree, your partner is engrossed in Amazon Prime, you're relaxing to your favorite tunes - all this without any interruption to your high-speed connection. With your Smart Connected system you can relax, secure in the knowledge that your digital needs will be met for many years to come.

Smart Security

Securing your home and loved ones is paramount. Smart security empowers you to monitor everything remotely, ensuring safety even when you're away. Vet visitors, receive intrusion alerts, check on your child or pet, and set up diverse camera angles inside and outside your home to maintain constant vigilance.